With Steven Gerrard being linked with a potential move to Celtic opinion is divided amongst the Celtic fans.Not that anybody is taking it too seriously as yet.

Celtic are on the up and even if a move were to transpire it wouldn’t be the highlight of the season – far from it in fact.

Last time I checked, Celtic were a football team not a retirement home and being the wrong side of 35 it’s hard to see what value “Stevie G” could offer.

Listen, he was a World Class player not too long ago but then so was Roy Keane. Freddie Ljungberg and Ian Wright are notable others who played at a high level but who didn’t exactly set the heather on fire at Celtic. The common denominator amongst that group being (football wise) “Old Age”. This group also played in an era when their clubs were getting extended runs in Europe season after season. They were all burned out when they arrived at Celtic Park. Too many miles on the clock. Just like the former Liverpool captain.

People could point to the likes of Kolo Toure to argue to the contrary but that’s a different scenario altogether. Big Kolo plays in a position where it’s slightly easier to extend your playing career. He was brought in to give us an assurance and a degree of composure at the back and to give us a chance of Champions League qualification. His ability to read and organise being the key attributes along with his experience. Kolo was badly needed but that’s not the case with Gerrard.

It’s nice to be linked with the player of course but at this moment in time it’s another Victor Wanyama type we need. Someone who is inexpensive and able to develop.

Hand on heart would you rather we continued to recruit the likes of Scott Sinclair and Moussa Dembele or would you abandon all that to sign former greats. Which brand of player do you think adds more value?

It’s a “Thanks but no Thanks” for me….. HH





  1. What people forget is that Rodgers was the manager who dropped him at Liverpool , as he was getting to slow , that is why he left Anfield , so can,t see him at Celtic

  2. Totally agree, pension tourism should no longer be part of our ethos.

    Young n hungry with skill just like Dembele is who we should be looking to attract.

  3. When Schweinsteiger’s name was being mentioned in the summer, Rodgers shot it down saying about marquee signings that “they’ve got to be able to press and they’ve got to be able to run.” Seems to rule Gerrard out, can’t see this one happening at all.

  4. I don’t agree. Our very young squad would benefit from having someone like him to work with, even for a year or two at best. Raises the teams profile across the World as well as hes a global name. Expect Zlatan to do the same in next few years. Its all good. Would even consider Gerrard for a player/coaching role as I’m sure hes a favourite player for many of the young pros in our team. Also still a very fine player himself. Whats not to like?

  5. For 1 year would be great signing and in holding role would be our best player by a country mile. 36 isn’t old and his ability is better than anyone in our team by a considerable way. Get him and a creative European quality number 10 and new fast creative right winger and we will be exceptionally good team.

  6. Only way he should be in a hoops top is if he buys one, was a decent player years ago. Building a good young team here now. One in a season or two can be able to rock Europe, we are not the same club of twenty, ten or even five years ago. Forget this mentality of bringing yesteryears players to paradise, good times ahead for the young talented footballers at our club not the old men of someone elses club. HAIL HAIL

  7. With the rumour of him wanting to coach maybe that would be the only way in. Past glory is in the past the future glory is with the future of young talent. Advice and support would be the best he could offer not on the pitch.

  8. We have been through this before with players in the twilight of their careers.
    As we see from the names above, not all can hack it at Celtic Park.
    Big Kolo has come in and so far has done a grand job when he plays ( few wee mistakes but he ain’t no Efe Ambrose) the reason for Kolo was to steady the ship at the back plus to give the younger players in defence a guiding hand.
    Having Stevie G come in to midfield even for 6 months would be a bit of coup but i personally don’t think it’s the correct move. We have players that can put in a turn but we need to find the perfect partner for Broony, who could and can take over for our newly energised captain when it comes time to hang up his playing boots and picks up his coaching ones instead.
    There is plenty of young up and coming central midfied players out there but we need to find the talent that will take us forward and not just be there to take a wee final payday.
    Don’t get me wrong it would be another feather in Gerards cap to have a league title and possibly 2 cup winners medals in an already glittering career but personally not for me.
    Exploit the market and bring in young quality who will be there for a good few years. (John Mcginn anyone)

  9. Disagree.
    We have so many young midfield players in the squad Gerrard would be a fantastic mentor and inspiration to. I think Liam Henderson alone would improve dramatically playing under his wing for a year or so.

  10. This won’t happen! as stated when BR arrived at celtic, he wanted players that are young, energetic and fast, SG doesn’t fit any of the criteria and the fact that it was BR who got the proverbial ball rolling on the end of SG career at anfield.


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