Celtic dropped two points on Sunday afternoon, compounding their recent run of horrible form.

The Celtic manager should have been sacked before now, yet as we sit here tonight, there’s a very real possibility Neil Lennon continues in the job.


To spite the noisy fans? Misplaced optimism? Delusion?

Celtic Legend Packie Bonner thinks he’s sussed it.

The Irishman is a regular on BBC Sportsound and today, after the game, he held his hands up and said he really doesn’t know where this team goes from here.

However, The former goalkeeper believes the board are determined to let Neil Lennon get to his Scottish cup final from last season.

Bonner revealed he thinks Lennon will get the chance to do the quadtreble but after that, who knows.

Celtic have failed any big test they’ve come up against this season and there’s no guarantee of a Scottish cup win. In-fact you’ll be hard pressed to find a fan who thinks we’ve got a victory at Hampden in us at the moment

If this is the reason Neil is being kept on, it’s an absolute shocker from the men who asked for our money in the summer even though we couldn’t get inside the stadium.


  1. Believe me,No ones interested in Any Cup Final.Things keep going The Support can and will Renege on renewal of Season Briefs.That is the only thing this Circus Understands (Money)Letting Govan Sevco FC Take the League is Unforgivable.No just Lennon that needs Gone


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