UFL dropped their much anticipated official trailer as they get ramped up to enter the online football gaming market.

The game, which is still being worked on promises to change the landscape of online football and the way gamers play.

The company has already entered into a partnership with Celtic – even though the Bhoys still have a deal with E-Football.

As the FIFA brand gets set to be ripped from EA, now is perhaps the most opportune time to put in a brand new game into the market.

PES now known as E-Football failed miserably last year when the launch of their game went down as one of the worst games in history. They’re still working on patching up their gameplay while UFL go about their business.

The game offers a free to play, fair to play approach. What ‘fair to play’ means, we don’t know.

Clips of Celtic players were used during the trailer.

We’ll find out at some point this year if the game will live up to the hype.


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