IF Celtic were putting their hopes on season ticket sales being boosted by the opening of the country and economy this summer, they can think again.

We are currently 8 weeks out from going back to a tiered system that had the West of Scotland in level 3 since October last year before the full lockdown in December.

However, the tiered system will become much more stringent and the hope of anyone getting out of level 3 into level 2, especially in the west of Scotland, looks bleak.

BBC report the new measures in place and parameters which need to be met under the Scottish tier system and it makes for difficult reading.

The cases per 100,000 for Glasgow to go into level 2 (when some fans can get back to the stadium) is so fragile. Even if we dipped below the threshold, opening things back up more would likely see us push the number back up.

Here is what the new measures mean from the end of April:

“Under the new system, local authorities which have a case rate of more than 150 cases per 100,000 are likely to end up in level four – when only essential shops can open and hospitality must close.

“The previous threshold for level four was 300 cases per 100,000.

“Cases will also need to drop to below 50 per 100,000 in a local authority before it will be considered for level two, much lower than the previous rate of 150 per 100,000. That is the level where non-essential journeys outside the authority boundary are allowed and pubs can serve alcohol.”

While the vaccination process is well underway, there doesn’t appear to be an end in sight or a route back to Celtic Park.

It means Celtic can’t sell season tickets like they did last season in the hope we might get back into stadiums. Fans paid full price for a sub-par TV subscription this term and it’s going to put off a household with more than one season ticket from renewing.

The longer Scottish football continues without supporters the further it will fall to its knees.

There are people who simply can’t afford their season tickets now, fans who are wary of paying through the roof for the TV pass and supporters who are generally disenchanted with the way the club has treated the fanbase this year. It has the makings of a financial disaster, not just for Celtic but clubs up and down Scotland.


  1. Look Celtic Fans that Can buy a season ticket then they will, look it may well be we will have another season like this one it looks like Covid-19 is not going away as fast as every one wanted, but true Fans will buy season tickets…..


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