Ian Bankier has revealed the real reason Celtic had to have new lights installed at Celtic Park and it had nothing to do with putting on a show like we seen at the recent Europa home tie against Leipzig.

The club was told in no uncertain terms by UEFA the club had to upgrade their floodlighting to meet their requirements to be in the competition.

A lot had been made of the lights after Celtic’s early exit from the Champions League with many people finding it amusing the Parkhead club had shelled out all that money to put on a light show in Europe’s premier competition only to not be in it.

The real reason makes a lot more sense and of course, there would have been an option to put normal flood lighting in but Celtic went one further and added the entertainment lights at the same time.

Speaking at the AGM, Bankier said.

“There is lots of investment money that’s invisible but the one that everybody sees is the wonderful modern playing surface.

“Then of course there’s the disco lights.

“But there’s a serious reason behind that, which is that we needed to completely upgrade our floodlighting to comply with Uefa standards.”

They did add something to the atmosphere on the night against Leipzig adding a new dimension to European matchdays.


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