The Celtic Blog posted an article up about former SPL chief Roger Mitchell being a perfect candidate for the Celtic chief executive job vacated by Dom McKay in September.

Michael Nicholson is currently acting chief with sources close to the club telling there’s every chance Michael will get the role on a permanent basis before the end of the season.

It’s all gone quiet on potential new candidates to take on the role but the Celtic Blog excellently puts their point across for a Mitchell coronation.

Roger is very outspoken about Scottish football and believes the club should have bigger fish to fry than Scottish football.

Currently residing in Italy – Mitchell would have to swap the quiet life in on Lake Como to come into the pressure cooker of Celtic Park.

Mitchell did respond to the Celtic Blog and detailed why he thinks it wouldn’t work for many of the supporters. Making it clear Scotland was not his focus.

Mitchell on social media:

‘I was sent this by a few folks tonight. Thank you.

‘I like it coz despite the fact that you mercilessly list a bunch of flaws and weaknesses, probably true, I still get your vote.

‘Worth more than any yes-man praise. One day. We are tempted by our legacy.

‘Like all jobs, it depends what the owners/board want you to do.

‘If you have a common vision.

‘Honestly? My focus wouldn’t be on anything Scottish. Celtic is bigger than that 5m market.

‘I’d trade all trophies in Scotland for a last 16 in the champions League each year.

‘That’s why your colleagues who see me as CEO probably are wrong.

‘Most fans just want to beat them.’

‘My vision for Celtic would be internationally best in class pound for pound in football ops, and using leading edge marketing/content tech to build the unique diaspora that is Celtic

We need a forward thinker with the mettle to stand up to an outdated board. Given the board doesn’t want that, a Nicholson appointment seems more than likely.


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