Pictures of Billy McNeill holding the European cup aloft have sprung up in Glasgow ahead of the Celtic legend’s funeral today.

Billy will be laid to rest today but not before he makes one last trip to Paradise where thousands will greet him on the streets to say goodbye to Celtic’s ultimate hero.

The posters have been found in lots of places – much like what happened during the 50th anniversary of the Lisbon Lions triumph two years ago.

There’s even one outside Fenway Park in Boston!


Billy sadly lost his battle with dementia last week and since then the outpouring of genuine emotion and grief has been overwhelming.

The Celtic captain has been honoured up and down the country with minute applauses and Celtic fans have been rallying around Celtic Park to pay homage to the man who reached the pinnacle.

Today we say goodbye to a legend, a gentleman and an outstanding human being.

Cesar – where you went others followed.


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