CHRIS SUTTON has brilliantly responded to Michael Beale’s bizarre media meltdown this week by paraphrasing a popular Pedro Caixinha quote.

The former Celtic striker has rattled Michael Beale so much the Ibrox manager felt the need to try and belittle the pundit by declaring he’s the worst player in Chelsea’s history. It was all pretty embarrassing.

Chris quoted the article and used the phrase ‘The dog barks but the caravan keeps moving on??’

A trope from the former Ibrox boss Caixinha who was chased out of town by his own fans eventually.

Ibrox journalist and teddy beat fan boy Jonny McFarlane tried to claim Chris was the one doing the barking to which the pundit replied.

Chris has gotten under the skin on Michael Beale for sure. The comical Ibrox support claim Beale has put Chris in his place. The same support last week who claimed Ange was rattled by Beale for making fun of his ‘lucky’ comments. That wouldn’t be Ange putting anyone in their place. The ever-changing narrative from a fanbase who live in their own version of reality never fails to amuse.

Sutton enjoys a wind up and it’s great to watch when he has someone on the fishing line. Considering Beale went nuts over a very inconsequential comment from the pundit. We can’t wait to see his head explode when Chris says something important.


  1. Beale seems to got new co supporters right down to A tee he is losing it and looking stupid by these comments I’m a newco supporter and nobody like us they love it but they get more help from officials sfa and var so nobodies falling for it and well beale a London boy trying to fool glaswegains next year he’ll be in a mental hospital a real one not the one he’s in now


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