CHRIS SUTTON is not known for being subtle but that’s usually because he’s voicing his strong opinions to the BT panel.

However, this time he doesn’t even need to say anything to get across what he thinks of Pedro Caixinha’s latest calamity.

The club who always tell us they’re coming lost more ground in the SPFL title race last night, conceding a late goal to Kilmarnock after missing a penalty, much to the internets amusement.

But the former Celtic striker’s facials in this video are cracking everyone up just as much!


  1. Glasgow Celtic,Best Supported Club on the Planet.One Massive Hoopy Family.No wonder the Hun Oldco used EBT etc anything and everything to stay ahead and it killed Them.Now we witness exactly how Sevcolona fair without using Tax Dodging Schemes etc.And the Reality for them is They are a Mediocre Club at Best.And Thats A Compliment.Pedro must Stay…..HH Glasgows Green n White 4Ever…The Zombies even trying to get the Celtic support banned from the Crumble Dome lolololol….;))))There Hurt n Pain is most Enjoyable

  2. Oldco are Spinning in There Grave…The Humiliation The Embarrassment The Shame That Is Newco Sevcolona,Scotlands Best Squad Of Dross.Wont Be Long Till The January Sales lolol..GIRUTDCB!!!!!!!

  3. Oh well let them do at least one decent thing in their miserable existence …just shut up shop ..pull down and level themonstrosity they call a stadium and plant flowers or a car park or a Lydl or Aldi and be down with them . The Muppet Show are as useful as balls on a sow.HH


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