It’s rare to hear the level of honesty and appreciation from someone outside Celtic when it comes to Scottish Football, but Aberdeen Legend Willie Miller has applauded Brendan Rodgers side after they picked apart Aberdeen on Wednesday night.

Miller was unequivocal about what Scottish football was witnessing and that perhaps there is room to appreciate what’s happening.

Goals from Kieran Tierney and a double from Moussa Dembele ensured Celtic pulled away at the top of the league.

Aberdeen just couldn’t live with Celtic in a match that was billed as the champions ‘biggest test to date domestically’.

Aberdeen will be licking their wounds this morning, but Brendan Rodgers is on cloud nine, winning with such ease and being able to have Griffiths, Roberts and Sinclair out of the starting XI – It’s quite remarkable


  1. Celtic Under The Floodlights at Paradise in a European Night.I’d back our Bhoys Against Anyone.Many have came and tried and failed.PSG well if we were spending endless truck loadsvof cash on players,We,d hump everyone…Mon The Tic.Intae Them…HH

  2. Willie Miller sees the bigger picture. This game was a sell out, a credit to the people of Aberdeen. They are mounting another genuine, determined challenge which must be respected. Last night was superb. The fluency of football was a joy. Aberdeen caught Celtic playing at the highest level. The Scottish league does not have the level of investment accorded to England. You cannot compare like for like. But this type of game will bring the people back to the Scottish game, well done to all.

  3. Just watched the Sevco V Killie highlights more carefully. Some food for thought here.
    It seems to me that the penalty award was never a penalty. The supposed barge was the Sevco player jumping up and into Broadfoot and bouncing off him. Look carefully in slow motion and you will see.
    Was this just another “honest mistake” from the referee to get Sevco to safety?

    Then the fracas starts. The breathtaking stupidity of a wannabe “Big Man” Ryan Jack, more so than Kirk Broadfoot. He kneed AND pushed AND head-butted Broadfoot. So Mr Muir then books Broadfoot (I’m ok with that bit as he was part of it), but he then books Ryan Jack for his assault, which was much worse. The penalty kick taker then gets ready to take the kick and suddenly the referee makes a move to deliver the red card to Jack (deservedly). Was this another “honest mistake” (the original yellow) which was then changed to red by wireless contact from the 4th official who must have realised that 2 “honest mistakes” in such a short period would be just too much to get away with in such a high profile incident. This got Muir of the hook before there was an enquiry into it. The guy who took the penalty was then under so much more pressure because of an all too familiar stupid incident which we have come to expect from Sevco’s delusions of grandeur. No wonder it was missed and he looked utterly bemused.

    Then poetic justice (or Karma if you like). The keeper quickly gets the ball out to a Killie player and a good move brings about a deserved equaliser from Burke.

    This Sevco club are just as dysfunctional, with all their systematic cheating, bigotry, sense of entitlement and lack of dignity as their previous incarnation. They are an utter shambles and a disgrace. Scotland’s shame indeed.

  4. I see the Sevconions bleat about 9 fines by Uefa for at most 200 out of 60000 ie 0.0033% causing bother latest title 1/60,000 even less morph back to Sunday or any match day and you have 98% of there fans Up to there knees in Fenian Blood and hoo hum Sunday your playing motherwell whose fans are 3rd in line of Celtic hating fans Sevco the Tarts and motherwell the top 3 haters and there only jealous and I was paranoid about Farry Dallas mccurry 100% all found guilty. We’re dragged into the top European n Scottish Courts illegal treatment by GCC verdict we paid over the odds for land for the Celtic Way ffwd Ebts Sevco found guilty no NS said no advantage they say yes under the constraints placed on him but the Link sevco Has with truth is tenuous at Best. HH


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