CHRIS SUTTON has called out the shocking challenge on David Turnbull at the weekend after the Celtic midfielder was subject to an ankle breaking challenge against Dundee Utd.

Calum Butcher went flying into David when the home side were 2-0 down already and should’ve seen a straight red for the challenge on Turnbull.

Instead, the player was given a yellow by Don Robertson. Chris Sutton and the Celtic fans were 100% certain it was a red.

David had already got on the scoresheet with a brilliant goal in the first half but could have seen his game and perhaps season cut short if Butcher put any more weight behind the tackle.

In a week where a marginal decision has gone for Celtic and we’ve witnessed the outcry and dissection of the Hearts goal – do we think this tackle will get the same treatment?

Absolutely not. It’s only news of Celtic get a favourable decision.


  1. We know we have been up against the brotherhood since our birth and in any other game it is a red card but our team are fair game and the only way to beat them is batter the goals In and sicken them. Remember the rewards for winning the league this seàson so our board had better have their voice ready as we need to shout and bawl about these honest mistakes.


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