Celtic are closing a part of the standing section for the game against Raith Rovers on Sunday.

In an email obtained by CeltsAreHere, from the club to members of the standing section it reads the section will be closed due to the use of pyro at the Glasgow Derby game.

Fans will be given tickets elsewhere in the ground or can get a refund if they wish.

The atmosphere and the visuals coming from inside the stadium on a fantastic night for the club was beamed around the world and praised widely.

However, Celtic have decided to punish fans for using their colourful display and the section occupied by the Green Brigade will be closed for the game against Raith Rovers.

Celtic thrashed their rivals on the pitch as the supporters gave the oposition hell from the outset.

The display was breathtaking and with the lights inside the stadium doing their job, it was a special moment inside the stadium.

To hear it’s being punished is very disappointing.

Michael Nicholson should be very clear on the reasons why this decision has been taken. We have no doubt there will be some attempt to appease Glasgow City Council to keep the standing section open.

The bhoys from the North Curve look likely to watch the game in the local CSC.


  1. “To hear it’s being punished is very disappointing.”

    Pyro. In. Football. Grounds. Is. Against. The. Law. It. Is. Not. Surprising

    Seriously still with this pish of pretending we don’t know they have no leg to stand on


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