FRASER FORSTER wasn’t 100% on the terms of his loan deal from Southampton to Celtic but he seems to refute the claim made by STV that his parent club have a call back option in January.

The Englishman was talking at Lennoxtown on Wednesday afternoon as Celtic unveiled their would be holding another Celtic festival at the SEC arena next year.

The goalkeeper took questions from the media and when he was asked about the clause – Fraser didn’t seem to know anything about it.

“I don’t think there’s a recall (option to go back to Southampton) so I think I’m here for the season from my side of things.” Fraser told CelticTV.

“I’m happy here and glad to be back here playing.”

Forster has been number one since coming back to the club at the end of August. The Englishman is enjoying his latest stint at the club and it will give fans some peace of mind, even though he’s not completely sure if the clause is there or not.

For now the big man is just happy to be back and playing football at a top level. His performances lately have been on another level with Lazio still cursing him.


  1. If there is no recall clause,the Bardwaj needs his arse kicked.
    He’ll blame his ‘sources’ as usual….sounds like another shit-stirring egomaniac to me.


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