BRENDAN RODGERS has won six trophies out of six domestically since coming to Scotland.

The manager has been a touch of class, even through his roughest spell over the past month or two.

He’s a manager who could very well manage in England’s top flight quite easily, and it’s still a massive feather in Celtic’s cap that they managed to bring him to the club.

So WHY, are the media in this country trying to flog him to the second rate Championship with Aston Villa?

Let me let you in on a little secret – there is a formula to what’s going on. Had Fulham or Cardiff sacked their manager last week, we would have seen the same articles, the same quotes from former professionals and the same people in the Scottish media trying to convince us he’s away to London or Wales.

While people ‘in the know’ down south were posting from early Sunday evening that Thierry Henry was the man the Villains wanted and that he was in advanced talks, the Scottish press were going with the headline – ‘Villa set to make Rodgers approach’ an approach that STILL hasn’t come as we sit here Tuesday morning.

It’s almost as if they want rid of Brendan. If I weren’t so level-headed I’d be the tiniest bit paranoid they were trying to weaken the club by undermining the manager’s position.

Brendan Rodgers will not leave Celtic high and dry for Aston Villa – it’s as simple as that.

As no semblance of a move is forthcoming, we are now switching to the mode of headline that says Rodgers will probably stay now because Villa didn’t make an approach – inferring the Celtic manager would have been off had they done so. The same way Katy Perry will not be dining with me later this evening because I’ve not got around to calling her yet.

Great stuff.


  1. The Scottish media, for want of a better word, are following the jabba line to rid Celtic of Rodgers, to stop 10 in a row. The klan are keeching themselves that Rodgers means 10IAR, they will do anything to get him away.
    Small minded klansmen following baw heid jabba’s instructions. HH

  2. Every Celtic fan sing the Brendan Rodgers song and Rodgers is a great Celtic fan. He is happy working with Celtic as we go for 8 9 and 10 in a row.

  3. What they can not do on the pitch they are trying to get our manager a new Job and disrupt our players with there silly posts,we are one and our manager and players and staff are going give it there best to bring home 10 in a row now be great become legends all over again and rewrite history together…

  4. The championship is vastly superior to the SPL in fairness. Celtic bigger club than Villa but we’ve lost players and staff to smaller clubs than villa in the past? Albeit most were to EPL. But correct in saying it’s utterly tiresome with BR being linked to almost every decent job that comes available in England

  5. If the championship is vastly superior to our top division why do we see players from here scoring freely down there when they struggled up here. It is financially vastly superior but certainly not in footballing terms.


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