JOHN HARTSON has used his column with the Evening Times to blast Kris Boyd for his running commentary of the Celtic dressing room branding him an attention seeker.

The former Celtic striker believes Kris is simply working his ticket into a cushy post-football pundit job by making as much noise as possible before he actually retires.

The man who famously flopped at Ibrox since their 2012 inception has had a lot to say about Celtic and their stuttering start to the season but Hartson maintains the striker is entitled to an opinion but when it comes to the facts, he hasn’t got a clue!

“I just think Kris has a platform now because he has his eyes on a career as a pundit and columnist when his playing time comes to an end. And for that you need to have an opinion and have something to say so this is him looking to get a few tongues wagging – and irritate Celtic in the process.

“He is as entitled to his opinion as anyone else. I don’t have an issue with it at all. I just think you have to take a step back and have a think about his motivation for saying it.”

It’s clear Boyd’s motivation is to continue the narrative of Celtic’s discontent but it’s hard to keep pushing that after what everybody saw on Sunday.

Celtic demolished St Johnstone with a side who looked like they were playing for each other from the off.

Hartson also made reference to this.

“That team who scored six against St Johnstone – did that look like a divided team? That celebration when every single outfield player ran to congratulate James Forrest – did that look like team with a split in it?”


  1. Boyd is a bluenose and he wants to bring CELTIC down. CELTIC are going to win the league again for 8 IN A ROW. Hail hail the Celts are here.

    • Pláin and Simply put Boyd is a hun wnkr on the make for a handy number after he retired
      He may as well retire because even that Sponger Mcleish would give him a job. HH

  2. Boyd can keep it going we all now LOL at him he Boyd should change the story and move on the message was sent out loud and clear that Celtic are one and are now back on the form that no team in Scotland could beat now they know what you all said now we hold nothing back when we play you all home or away,lets go on a long run and ram it to all who thought we where dead and gone….

  3. Let’s see how he reacts in his Mickey Mouse column when his beloved Huns hit their hard spell.Boyd is a non-entity but what gets to me is how nobody reigns him in.What should we expect in this corner of the world.

  4. Keep sticking it to them John, everyone is entitled to an opinion, it appears he doesn’t think before he speaks, a bit like some others in that profession.🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

  5. As far as I am concerned this is pure hatred under the guise of sports news/ gossip,or whatever you want to call it!!!!!thus muppet and his pay masters are beyond contempt.only way to shove the words back down there collective throats is to keep winning now,that will build up their bile to explosive matter!!!!

  6. I hate this accepted truism that we’re all entitled to an an opinion. Naw we’re no! If you’re a closed minded bigoted halfwit with an ulterior agenda (who cant get a game for the club youre with by the way!) you’re most definitely not! You’re only entitled to an opinion after an impartial perusal of ALL the facts. A abnormally inferior intellect, a dodgy hairweave and a chronic monster munch addiction doesn’t suggest to me you’re more entitled to an opinion than any other jakey or junky in the street.

  7. I have read all the above comments and have to say that we have to KEEP THE FAITH. The Celtic players will do their talking ON THE PITCH and the HOOPS WILL MAKE IT 8 IN A ROW.


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