DEREK MCINNES played the victim on a day of deflection. We are all for managers and players calling out the bad parts of our game but when it’s so selective and they completely ignore their own singing the exact same song in another Glasgow stadium, then it’s hard to take that person seriously.

Let’s get it clear, Derek McInnes lost the plot because his team lost the plot. He sent his thugs out to try and stifle Celtic and got nothing. The Bhoys our played their semi-final opponents and made McInnes look like a fool for setting up his team the way he did.

A song of cheer up Derek McInnes sung. You know, the same song his fans directed at Steven Gerard just weeks prior but that passed without a statement from the Pittodrie boss. As did the Paedo chants coming from a majority of Aberdeen supporters today.

Call it out Derek; we are happy for you to do so but don’t just call it out when you’re raging at a 3-0 defeat because you failed at your job again.

If he didn’t hear the Aberdeen fans singing anything, then he can have a wee look at this.

For the record, the song does not need to be sung by any fans but don’t use it as an excuse to act like an idiot. Rise above it and call it all out not just selectively.


  1. They, the inbred sheep abusers, sang about Jimmy Saville yesterday but shouldn’t they be singing “SIR JIMMY SAVILLE” Knighted by their queen,
    There song should be
    Sir Jimmy saville he’s one of our own
    Feckin bawbags!!!!!

  2. Derek; just cheer up. the song wasn’t just directed at you. But to all the SOB in the stadia. Mr Spunk drizzled beard.


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