DOMINIC MCKAY has been largely silent since making the move from Scottish Rugby to Celtic Park.

As we understand it, the new CEO has not taken up his role yet and is only shadowing Peter Lawwell until the end of the month when Peter steps down from his role.

McKay has a monumental task on his hands. Since coming in the door we’ve suffered back to back derby defeats, we’ve been knocked out of a cup and we’ve been knocked back by our first choice manager. He’ll be wondering why he left his SRU role to take on the Celtic job at such a volatile time.

The Celtic Women qualified for the Champions League on Sunday after another thumping win to end the SWPL season. The girls finished runners up and subsequently got their place in next season’s elite Euro competition.

McKay felt compelled to congratulate the team on social media – specifically twitter. As soon as he broke cover, Dom was inundated with messages. Some pleasent, some not so pleasent.

They all centered around Celtic’s current issues regarding no manager and no real plan from the outside for a rebuild. We won’t be sharing the messages because some of them are not PG friendly.

Dom knows what Twitter will be like but he can’t be judged yet on what’s going on at Celtic Park. At the start of July the new CEO will take over and only then can he be critiqued.


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