Hours after Neil Lennon left his position as Celtic manager it’s quite telling Eddie Howe is already trending on Twitter.

It gives you an insight into the discussion going on between supporters and perhaps the popular supporter’s choice for the next Celtic manager.

John Kennedy will take the team until the end of the season but right now, the club needs to be making in-roads for the next man to come in.

Eddie Howe is out of work but it’s clear he’s going to be back in management within the next six months. There is an online groundswell of support for Eddie to be in the running for the Celtic job but is it achievable?

Many have cited Howe’s roots in Bournemouth and his inability to fly the nest and be a success elsewhere. Being a family man, would he really uproot his family to Glasgow or come up here himself to do the job?

He is a coach who looks up to Brendan Rodgers highly and has learned from the former Celtic manager. His tactics, view of the game and age all make him a perfect choice for Celtic boss.

It’s up to what Dermot Desmon envisions for Celtic over the next four or five years.




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