The speculation has been going on for months while Neil Lennon was in the job and because Celtic don’t have a man in place yet, it will continue now the Celtic managerial role is vacant.

Sky Sports pundit, Jim White threw out three names this morning as the speculation ramped up surrounding the next permanent manager.

Three names that Celtic fans would probably go for, albeit their list of 1 to 3 may be different.


The Spaniard is currently unemployed and was aware of the interest in him last time around when Neil Lennon was the interim manager. Reports down south have continually claimed Benitz wants another crack at the Premier League and Celtic are unlikely to match his ambitions in the transfer market.


Most people will scoff at this, and as I write this I’m scoffing in my head. However, it’s a bit of a wild card option and the lay of the land would have to go Celtic’s way for it to happen. The links between Martinez and Scotland are there, his wife is from Scotland and his assistant manager is a former Celtic player in Shaun Maloney.

Could Shaun be the broker in a deal for something big like this to happen? It all depends on Celtic’s ambition, Martinez’s thoughts about club football and no other large clubs try and approach before or after the Euros.

Steve Clarke

He seems like more of a natural option and a man who can get the best out of an average bunch of players, so what can he do with a talented group?

The biggest thing in the way of any move for Clarke would be the Scotland gaffer’s disdain for the poisonous culture within the Glasgow setup. It would appear to be a deal-breaker if there was interest there.

Who would you like to be the next Celtic manager?


  1. Steve Clarke is the man Celtic need and if no one has or is talking to him then they need sacked bring in the Scotland manager and moves back to where we like to be next season is going be a big season for us as we set our stall out to take back what we lost…

  2. Neither of the Three Amigos can handle the pressure cooker that The Hoops has become. Need someone who can convince the non triers in the squad to up their game, to become a team of Victor’s.
    Needs a hands on man manger/coach. Benitez has everything in his locker apart from lots of cash. So defiantly not for this job. The board couldn’t afford him nor one his budgets, even for single players nor a group.
    We will all see once the share price starts to decrease in value, who the directors chose. So, is there someone (or group) out there who wishes to launder their spare cash on a team from Glasgow?? Not a big pull really.


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