As we wrote yesterday, Celtic’s very late goal against Dundee broke quite a few people and whatever brains they had have melted into a puddle of rage.

Case and point, a Superscoreboard caller and Gerd fan phoned the ‘football experts’ last night to complain about Celtic’s goal. Did he moan about the time added on like most of them have? No. The caller told the panel the goal was OFFSIDE.

James Forrest ran into the box and cut it back for Odsonne Edouard to bury and give Celtic all three points on the day. If you know anything about football you will know a cut back can’t be offside but it can if you’re clutching at the finest of straws as you slowly descend into madness.

Have a listen for some good entertainment.

Celtic take on The Rangers in less than two weeks looking to extend their gap at the top from ten points to thirteen.


  1. Being a Celtic fan, I think you will find what he said was that Forrest was offside at the time of the pass from Eddy, but having said that he is still wrong, taking it hard they are 🍀

  2. These pages would test the patience of a Saint,jumping all over and up n down the page
    Wae Avon roll of ads that just keeps coming.
    Last time I’ll be making a comment.
    Let that lot baste in their aim shite and sg will be offski WHEN WE HAMMER @CP.🍀💚✅

    Your website designer has gone overboard on monetisation here DEFO.


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