Former Ibrox defender Colin Hendry has taken a rather predictable and pandering swipe at Celtic’s accomplishments as he spoke on a Gers fans podcast.

The former footballer who went bankrupt after retirement was bumping his gums about Celtic out of nowhere and really came across as a bitter in his summation of Celtic’s title winning streak.

Hendry says the accomplishment of ten-in-a-row won’t mean as much because there was no club from Ibrox playing in the league for four years of their run.

He then goes into a tangent about Celtic fans going on about double trebles and treble trebles and seems to imply those achievements shouldn’t be celebrated either. 

This rhetoric is the inevitable consequence of Celtic’s success, it’s going to shift from trying to stop Celtic’s ten in a row bid to trying to belittle it.

“It shouldn’t really be but I don’t think it was helped by the period where Rangers weren’t in the Premiership.” Hendry told a Gers Podcast as cited by Football Scotland.

“Everybody suffered. Celtic suffered because they don’t have an Old Firm game to play and irrespective of them achieving what they are going to achieve, it’s not fully achieved because Rangers weren’t there for several years.

“So you can argue it until the cows come home but the fact is that Rangers were not in that league when they did win so they are talking about their treble trebles or their nine and ten-in-a-row, to all of us outside of Celtic it’s not really what it is.”

Utterly laughable from a player who played for a club who certainly counts their title’s back in the day when Celtic nearly went out of business – it’s not our fault we stayed in the game and they died.


  1. What medicine is he on. Hendry was an average centre half, who was tightfisted when it came to his money.
    TRFC were out of contention due to EBT and cheating. Ok, in his world, when Third Lnark went bust and collapsed, does that mean other teams who profited from their demise, can’t count the awards they won with Thirds in limbo.
    Hendry, you were crap at Ipox when you played there, stop looking for a handout for your patronising waffle on what Celtic does/did and will do. Ponce!

  2. What trophies did rangers win when they were in limbo, did they have any treble trebles or what . hendry couldn’t tell you if his shoes were hurting.


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