FORMER Celtic star turned football pundit Chris Sutton has taken a pop at rivals Sky Sports about their coverage of Scottish football.

Last night the Englishman tweeted out ‘Huge games deserve huge build ups’ – referring to Aberdeen vs The Rangers last night who were in a battle for second spot in the SPFL.

He then took it one further this morning and while advertising BT’s coverage of the Edinburgh Derby tonight he described it as ‘Full and comprehensive’.

It’s no secret that Sky Sports tend to give very little time to the Scottish game before and after matches.

BT Sports have excelled at selling the Scottish game whenever they can but may just be creeping into some complacency and bad habits.

Signing up Rob Maclean, a dinosaur of the Scottish game along with former Sky Sports frontman David Tanner has earned the Sports brodcaster some rightful criticism.


  1. Cmon the Hibees,Get stuck right intae these Clowns.Hibernian are well placed to finish 2nd this season.Fingers crossed Lenny has them playing for the wins,Hearts then Sevco 5088.Its there for Hibernian jus run them ragged..GGTTH


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