FORMER Ibrox man Billy Dodd’s has taken an astonishing stance on the Scott Brown incident at the weekend and insisted Brendan Rodgers was out of order for trying to ‘influence’ the disciplinary department.

Scott Brown was stamped on in a very deliberate manner by Davies, but according to Billy the player should receive no further punishment other than the automatic ban and

“Some of the stuff from Brendan Rodgers after the game was uncalled for.

“He mentioned how Jozo Simunovic got a two-game ban for his elbow in the Rangers game, and suggested Davies’ punishment should be worse.

“For me, he was trying to influence the disciplinary department with his comments, and that didn’t sit well with me.

“I think back to a horrendous challenge Brown made on Liam Boyce last season, when Rodgers came out after the game and said he didn’t see it.

“Well, I saw the scrape marks from Boycie’s knee down to his ankle in the dressing room, and it wasn’t pretty.”

The EBT recipient then goes on to tell us that it was a ‘crazy’ challenge by the Ross County captain but still seemed upset with the Celtic manager defending his player who had just been stamped on.

“It was a crazy challenge from Davies and I’m not defending it.

“I just don’t think Rodgers should have been trying to influence the punishment.”


  1. Regardless of Dodds comments, I feel mamagersxare best served saying as little as possible in regard to such things. Let the disciplinary committee deal with it . Comments can tend to come back to bite you

  2. You wouldn’t Dodds, would you? Sfter all, you think corruption against Scotland’s most successful club, Celtic, is okay. As far as things coming back to bite Rodgers, staying wuiet hadn’t helped much, has it? He has watched tge most influential player in Scotland be kicked all over the park in the last few weeks and not one word of utterance from the SFA to put a stop to it, and not one acceptable punishment dished out to the culprits.
    As for the “horrendous” challenge by Brown on Boyce last season, after review, it was deem that it was not even a red card! I also seem to recall it came right after a blatant cheating dive from a Ross County player with no Celtic player within three feet of him, and the most embarrassing decision from a bigoted ref seen in more than ten years. The tax man cometh mr. dodds. If you think things are said to create advantages, think about the stolen tax money you withheld from pensioners and the sick children.

  3. Really, who will listen to a tax cheat you should be hanging your head in shame and keeping a low profile.
    Oh forgot cheating is the name o the the Oldco game.

  4. Dodds , davie`s uglier wee cousin. Stated that the game needed it, when rangers were awarded a penalty that should not have been. I have heard him continually make statements like this. How could the game need a false penalty award. What he really meant was rangers needed a little help from the referee. And got plenty of it. He should never be presented as an unbiased commentator. He is a nasty little bigot. But there are plenty of these floating around the Scottish media.

  5. How can Dodds open his mouth attacking Rodgers ,he had to find something to day as those horrible rangers stampings were too clear to hide,so he had to have a go at Rodgers,,best is shut up dodds


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