Former Whistler Steve Conroy has branded Andrew Davies assault on Scott Brown as ‘one of the worst’ challenges he’s ever seen.

The former ref spoke about the incident as the SFA are about to wash their hands of the matter and leave Davies to serve an automatic two-match ban.

“If I was asked for my opinion, I would say, ‘yeah, it ranks up there’. It’s one of the worst I’d seen.” Conroy told the BBC.

“It was certainly a nasty challenge. He had no intention of going for the ball. That’s the definition of it, of a violent conduct, which is what he was sent off for.”

It was, intentional, it was with malice, it was an assault on a fellow professional and for the SFA not to take further action against the Ross County captain is doing the rest of the professionals that play under their umbrella a target for outrageous challenges going forward.

Brendan Rodgers registered his disbelief at the attempt to severely hurt his Celtic captain by Davies and expected to see the player come before a panel on top of his two-game ban.

At this very moment, the Daily Record reports that no more action will be taken.


  1. This is what is and always will be expected from the Corrupt SFA.RainJurz cheated for years n years and nothing was done about that,Now that the Real Best Club in Scotland is doing things the Honest and proper way,As should always be the way.These parasites are leaving our players open to assaults etc,And We let Our players play Internationals for these Animals.Davies gets a two match ban.Fck the Masonic football association.They are just an Embarrassment to every single other Club in Scotland,Accept for those Clubs over the Clyde.HH

  2. My Da took me to my first game after he got demobbed I was ten at the time .That was 73years ago I am now 83 things haven’t changed much the refs then we’re more or less the same standard as the so called refs today I’ve seen good refs as well but they didn’t last long .I can’t see it ever improving as long as it managed by brainless wonders.EddieKelly.

  3. Isn’t this the same ref who was forced out of the game because he exposed Dougie Dougie the lying scumbag? His reward for his honesty? How dare he show honesty and integrity!

  4. Mr McLean took his time in sending Davies off yet wullie collum ran from 1 half of the pitch to send of big jose at liebrox if Armstrong never ran up to the ross county player McLean would have gave a yellow card dirty corrupt bastards sfa

  5. SFA are not fit for purpose.All you have to do is look into Oldco and it becomes blatantly obvious,These lowlifes are everywhere in our Game.Sad fckers.Integrity Honesty Trust these words have no meaning to the SFA and there Brethren.All Lodgy LowLife…HfH.


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