Celtic fans can make an impression on even the most stoic individuals, but if you’re in love with the beautiful game then you’re certainly going to fall head over heels for Celtic Park – especially on a European night.

That’s exactly what German journalist Heiko Niedderer‏ got to do on Tuesday and in doing so I think we’ve made a fan out of him.

Written in German – the article was his own love letter to Celtic Park and someone was good enough to translate it for the rest of us to read.



  1. Yes u are right we are world class our support are second to none. And if the game was more financially equal the team the club and the support would b the best in the world and use all know that face us on equal term and c what happens….JOHN O’DONNELL I live Celtic and ill die Celtic….HH

  2. Celtic park is paradise to many visitors who have experienced their time seeing the best fans in the world the best atmosphere the best team. Join the Celtic family and make yourself at home Heinko Wee welcome your writeup. Hail hail ☘️


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