Scottish Football’s resident OAP has had his say on James Forrest’s ‘no-showing’ at Sunday nights PFA awards where the winger picked up Player of the Year.

The Celtic team was not in attendance with Neil Lennon giving the bhoys a couple of days off to celebrate their title win. Apparently, a lot of the bhoys are over in Dublin celebrating together before heading back to Scotland to prepare for Sunday’s Glasgow Derby.

But nobody tell Hugh Keevins where James Forrest is because he’s likely to be very upset that it’s not a ‘really good excuse’.

Andy Walker picked up the award on Forrest’s behalf at the award ceremony which was weird in itself but Shug isn’t happy at all that the Celtic star wasn’t there to accept the trophy and said he’d have voted for someone else if he’d known.

“I voted for James Forrest to win the Player of the Year award, but I would go for someone else if I didn’t think he would turn up to accept it at the Scottish Football Writers Association dinner on May 19” Keevins explained on his Clyde One Blog.

“Forrest was a no-show at the PFA Scotland awards ceremony last night and his honour was accepted on his behalf by former Celtic striker Andy Walker.
A no-show is a bad show unless the absentee has a really good excuse.

“If not, then he has insulted his fellow professionals and let down the club he plays for as well as the union which represents him.”

So let’s be clear here, an active journalist would change who he personally believes has been the best player in the country by their attendance at a ceremony. I think the attendance on the pitch is much more significant and a ‘no-show’ doesn’t change the fact Forrest should be named the best player in the country


  1. If you new you where going win then maybe you should go but hey the rule is you do not need to be there just like any award Ceremony in film music football etc so way cry about it he won end of….

  2. No one from Sevco turned up at last years awards ceremony. Never heard or saw Keevans bumping his gums about that.

    • Exactly, Patricia.
      Any excuse to have a go at anything/anyone connected to Celtic for this fossil and his ilk.After all,it’s what sells the rag he works for(other rags are available) in order to keep ra peepelle happy.
      Only time will tell whether his rag goes down the shitter before the tribute act he panders to. HH

  3. According to Aul’ Flanders, a player can be utterly worthy of an award but if he can’t make it to the ceremony he’s pish.

    …and we wonder why Scottish Football is in the state it’s in?


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