KRIS COMMONS did not hold back on his criticism of Hears thug Steven Naismith as he yet again kicked out a Celtic player at Tynecastle.

Not only did he kick out at Jonny Hayes after an honest challenge but he stood over the Irishman and screamed at him while he was down on the ground in need of treatment.

Looking at the incident in the Sky Sports studio, Commons did not mince his words.


  1. Once again another ex sevco thug gets away with assaulting a Celtic player!. What is the eye test for refs or even the fourth official? Blue tinted glasses?? Heaton and McClean are jokes!. Now surely the compliance officer MUST see this. Or is he only there to put Celtic players down?? Middens from top to bottom! SFA? Free mason bast””‘::rs! And the refs! Oh by the way, Celtic probably did not deserve to win today , but this thuggish behaviour turns up against us EVERY week.! Answer, ask Gerrard over at ibrokes, !! D O.Bs.

  2. Naismith is a wee thug and always has been. But hey, we are in Scotland and shites like him are allowed to assault Celtic players.

    • And the linesman who saw the incident was the same one who shouted to the ref wen an alleged elbow was used on Morelos red card red card was not for putting his flag up to the ref to indicate the incident sure makes you wonder what officials have got it in for who if you know what I mean

  3. Steven Gerrard should watch spurtscene tonight. And we will see what its like to be picked upon. As he reckons the auld co and the sevco paupers have been in the past. My Ar$e Stevo.

    • ira,he’d still not see the forest for the trees mate,you could sit him down and play the many you-tube videos that are available online,of the “honest” mistakes that have gone their way in historic “old firm” games.all you would get is “ah cant see it” “ah don’t doe,don’t ah doe” You see there something about that vile old club,and it has rapidly,or rabidly attached itself to the new club,where the majority of players who sign for them,catch the ,we are the peepul” disease.Players like Gazza,who loves attending sash bashes,even level headed people like Butcher had it,he openly admitted getting sucked in to all the sectarian baggage,without even knowing it until his wife explained what he was getting involved with,Stevie or STEVECO,will be no different,he’s already showing symptoms. HH

  4. You know what to expect from Naismith, horrible wee mutant. I was really disappointed in Jonny Hayes so called teammates allowing Naismith to stand over him and scream at him injured. If refs not protecting players then our whole team should have been on Naismith and Launched him away from Hayes. As a team we need to stand up and be counted in these situations.


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