HENRIK LARSSON has been speaking about his eternal link with Celtic and knows while he’s a coach in the game, he’ll always be linked with a move to the club in some shape or form.

The Swede joined Ronald Koeman at Barcelona this season and is currently coaching at one of the biggest clubs in the world.

You have to imagine those credentials will only enforce some Celtic supporters opinions that he should eventually take charge at the club.

Asked about the link with Celtic since retiring from football, the Celtic legend is aware that the link will always be there but doesn’t rule out a move in the future.

Henrik gave an pragmatic answer to the question as he spoke to cfbfootball:

“You’re right it’s been like that and to be honest I think it will always be like that in the years ahead while I’m in this line of work. For me, that’s just the way it is as I’m so connected with Celtic that my name will always be mentioned there and I’m so fortunate to still be remembered as a player and hopefully as a person as well. It isn’t a burden in any way. It’s a blessing.”

“Time will tell if things are going to be like that. It’s impossible for me to give an answer that isn’t misinterpreted by some. So as I say, time will tell if things will be like that.”

There’s no chance it’s on the horizon. Henrik hasn’t had the best of times being a manager. It would have to be after he showed his credentials elsewhere. A coaching role working under another manager could be something for the future.


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