It has been 18 months, give or take since Brendan Rodgers unceremoniously left the club. There were hurt feelings at the time and there appears to be a large number of supporters who still can’t see past the Irishman’s exit.

Rodgers took part in a midnight move, he was already on his way to Leicester as the news broke, leaving the Celtic support stunned at the time. There are plenty of people who have forgiven him or have let their feelings settle, remind us how successful he is as manager.

However, there were some supporters revelling in Leicester fans seemingly turning on the former Celtic manager last night as they were knocked out of the FA Cup. One tweet that many Celtic supporters chimed in on was the one below.

It seems rather fickle from the outside looking in. Leicester aren’t a club who regularly bag silverware, but Rodgers has them in a Champions League spot with 31 games played. You have to ask what are they expecting.

Celtic fans took this tweet and some lapped the criticism up.

Hell hath no fury like a Celtic fan scorned.


  1. Come on the fuck bhoys have we no probes there’s plenty of life left at our club right through from coaches manager and the players honestly you’d think you are all wanting the jusas back fuck him thought the grass was greener on the other side and then found out that’s just no true especially being so successful plauersnhane donenirt as well just let him fight for his place mid table next season then well see how quick he is to up and leave

  2. Ffs get over it he won everything he could and decided to move on ..big deal..fair amount of drama queens amongst the tic support..

  3. He has landed on his feet, again, pity about his family being burgled just as he left Paradise though. But his new team is now guaranteed Euro football. but as typed earlier, see how his spending in there goes.

    I wish him well, what he has said, since he left the Green room is pish in a pan. So just flush it. And lets all get behind Neil now.


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