CELTIC Fans seemed to unite in their condemnation of former Celtic player Andy Walker who continues his long trend of talking absolute nonsense when as he verbally stumbles through a football match.

It’s been years now since Walker took on the role at Sky Sports and morphed into a self-serving sycophant, more interested in what Celtic are doing wrong than telling everyone what they’re doing right.

It’s no coincidence the ex-Celts who end up on Sky Sports are so down on the club and at the back end of the year, Kris Commons was called out for talking about Celtic in an overly negative manner, only for fans to be told it was a ‘producers’ call.

Yesterday, Celtic had two penalty shouts in the same passage of play when Ryan Christie was kicked in the stomach but the worse wone which seen French Eddy be stretchered off not long after coming on was a penalty all day long.

Not according to Andy Walker! The co-commentator insisted had the same foul been made outside the box it would be a free kick but it’s not a penalty….eh.

Celtic fans including celebrity fan Martin Compston weighed into Walker’s idiocy.



  1. I can’t stand Andy walker he talks so much shite edouard decision is a fucking disgrace it’s a penalty all day long, and what about that tit kris boyd laughing like fuck at half time but he wasn’t laughing at full time he’s a fud HH

  2. Attended a show jumping event on Sunday with my niece less penalties awarded at it than there was at Iboke on Saturday .That turd Dallas and his mate Wullie are doing their best to get the Govan outfit into second place in SPL.

  3. Andy Walker is a traitor. He may have wore the Celtic top as a player, but he acts like a hun when he opens his mouth. All he blabbed about was how well st Johnstone defended, and what a super goalie Clark was. Nothing about the pressure from Celtic, or the THREE penalties, in fact he had an excuse for Shugnessnys tackle on Eddie, before he hit the ground, nothing about Christie, and the fud even tried to talk off the penalty for Burke. Walker is a disgrace to the jumper he wore. I am all for neutral commentry, but to talk for 75 minutes on how well St Johnstone defended was too much to take. The two “one trick ponies” Davidson, and Swanson, did nothing but foul, and in Swansons case he hit the deck every time anyone went near him. The longing to be a hun, is Davidsons life desire. Murray, yer a w@anker in a football strip. Never capped, never wanted by any club other than the Saints. Summing up, welcome to Parkhead next week, and you, Walker do one ya mason muppet!

  4. Andy Walker is a complete fecking idiot that has signed over to the rangers gang. He should be ashamed. Dissing the only Club of Glasgow THE MIGHTY GREEN AND WHITE. AW should be castrated for that he is another puppet for sky. Fucking wanker

  5. He openly encourages strikers to dive and cheat their way to getting penalties, but states they’re not for Christie and eddy, dickheed

  6. Lets not forget Andy walker used to earn his thirty pieces of silver , sitting beside Erchie McPherson and Jerry(as in fuckin tom and jerry)McNee………….way back in the day…….so he’s been dayin this shit fur fuckin donks…………..HH


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