We are four days out from the League Cup Final and Hibernian have been left red-faced by STILL struggling to sell their allocation.

The Edinburgh club demanded an even split for the cup final [around 25k briefs] but they eventually got 19,500 after much protest. According to SunSport, the club is still trying to punt around 500 tickets to any Hibby who will take them. A far cry from the comments that Hibs would sell out their 50/50 allocation.

The 17,500 tickets Hibs were initially given was more than enough to make sure that everyone who went to the semi-final got a ticket AND more fans on top of that. Their push for more briefs under the argument, they’d sell out half of Hampden if they could is looking more and more delusional by the day.

It’s a tough time of year for everyone with Christmas just around the corner, we get that. Coming through to Glasgow and paying around £40 a ticket will not be for casual fans who usually tend to come out for the big events.

In comparison, Celtic sold around 40k for the semi-final and there will be supporters locked out of the ground who have been to every cup game this season.

The game is scheduled for Sunday at 3pm. It should be a great contest.



  1. Embarrassing considering the amount of bigots and glory hunters that leave the east coast and head along to Glasgow, back in the 60s / 70s when people supported their local clubs Celtic were challenged every week and this prepared them for Europe 67 will never be repeated unless teams outside Glasgow are able to challenge the old firm but they cannot do this with dwindling support


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