BRENDAN RODGERS looked visibly annoyed and frustrated this evening in his post-match interview with Celtic TV.

After watching his side draw 1-1 with a well below par Suduva side he certainly had cause to feel that way.

“I feel for the supporters out here this evening who had to travel all the way out her, for us to play with that quality was disappointing really.” the Irishman admitted.

Rodgers also goes on to speak about the intensity levels of his side and is positive about getting the result next week in order to qualify.

It has been a tough 3-4 weeks for Celtic now. With so much frustration off the field being amplified by some lacklustre performances on it.

This is a Celtic side in desperate need of freshening up. Desperate.

However, with just over a week of this transfer window left – it looks like Celtic will struggle to get any real quality in before the deadline.

Suduva head over to Celtic Park next week with more hope than they perhaps should have had.

Celtic are in the driver’s seat but even Stevie Wonder knows this side have to do better.


  1. Frustration is understatement, the possession was as expected,yet we could not take advantage, just what is going on,we will face this 10 men defence on a regular basis now, teams know how to play us ,!!!!!!I feel we have a problem now with our keeper, no confidence in his ability, the defence are showing this now, if your last line cannot do his job,then what do you do, it is shown uncertainty in the back line now,where do we go from here ????,next Thursday SHOULD be a straight forward game, but we have given them some hope.

  2. Let’s face it and stop pretending! We’re utter pish this season and now teams are right up
    Our arse and ready to fight back, we have no passion and the team boot up the arse. Is anyone surprised we shipped yet another cheap goal !? We know we need players in but they ain’t coming quick enough, how come that mob can go out and buy players at the drop of a hat whilst we sit and suffer… it’s not on I’m sick of it

    • Sevco are bringing in every body and his uncle, in the hope they have enough ‘quality’ to see them through,it may work or it may not,we have sat on our laurels, their is obviously some distance between the board/ manager,and it is effecting us badly, do we have the ‘quality’ to pull us through,your guess is as good as mine,

  3. First and foremost we need players with desire, pride,aggression and passion to put on that jersey not shrinking violets.
    Get some proper Celtic men signed up Ffs.

  4. Every one can see it we are a soft touch now with a big hole in the defence that you could drive a bus through come on bring in the seasoned pros two CHs and one hard man in midfield and get this show on the road send the message out to them we are back and going for ten.
    How come no one at the top any in the jobs they do for the team can not see that hole in the defence and in midfield get them in before this window shuts or we are turned over not by one team but by most of them no one fears us now they all see us as a very soft touch get it done bring in the men.

  5. The view from the bench must have been in abject horror for St Brendan. He has his doubts about the non investment now. How can he placate a tired,Team core, wae his shouted instructions from the by-line. When they no longer listen. Time. For some new face’s, to help the rest of the Double. Treble winners out of their funk.NO EXCUSES.


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