CHRIS SUTTON has made the bold and hopefully true prediction that there will be at least one unwanted man leaving Celtic Park this summer due to Brendan Rodgers departure and it’s certainly a move the fans would welcome.

The Englishman is, of course, talking about the man Brendan Rodgers tasked with finding new talent and has failed in his remit on a regular basis, Lee Congerton.

The head Celtic scout has been under scrutiny for over a year for the part he’s played in some mindless transfers; Marvin Compper and Kundai Benyu are two examples of the scout at work.

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When the Irishman left Celtic taking his staff along with some of the lesser known Celtic staff he left Lee at the club.

Chris Sutton believes there’s no way the head scout will be there beyond the summer and that Neil Lennon should be able to bring his own guy in.

“The timing of Rodgers’s departure was awful but it would have been even worse if he’d taken John Kennedy and Steve Woods with him as well.” He wrote for RecordSport.

“He doesn’t seem to be looking back but he can do his old club a favour by taking Lee Congerton with him right away. The buck stops with the manager when it comes to signings but the head of recruitment hasn’t produced the goods so has to follow Rodgers to the exit door.

“I have no doubt he’ll be gone by the end of the season but Celtic can’t afford to let him see out his time.”

Celtic need scouts who are going to make a real difference and pull a Victor Wanyama or Virgil Van Dijk out of the bag on a semi-regular basis.


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