HEARTS Steven MacLean has upped the anti before Sunday’s semi-final tie by declaring he hopes Celtic lose tonight in Germany.

The Hearts player wants any advantage he can think of and believes a Celtic loss will be a big boost for Hearts.

Nobody is looking for any Hearts player to come out of support of Celtic’s Euro aspirations but it is a bit telling he’s felt the need to come out and say the exact opposite.

“We’ve beaten Celtic already this season so there’s no reason why we can’t do it again.” McLean said.

“Obviously they’ve picked up since then and scored 10 goals in their last two games.

“But we’ve got belief. We’ve got a bit about us, boys who can score goals, so we’re looking forward to it.

“Hopefully they (Celtic) lose tomorrow night and lose a bit of confidence and we’ll see what happens on Sunday!”

“Of course, you want all Scottish teams in Europe to do well but I hope they have a hard game as that can help us.

“If we’ve got something we can hold on to and they’re pushing and we know we can go the distance then we know we can make it hard for teams.”

Celtic will fly back from Germany tonight straight after the game and will begin preparation for their semi-final showdown regardless of the result.

In past years Celtic have had a good record overall of bouncing back and being ready or domestic action after a tough European night.

It’s nice to see the vale slipping though.


  1. Thinking it is one thing, saying it is another, but putting it in print is another matter all together. It’s amazing how low supposed professional player stoop to get their name in the papers. Let’s face it the only way dud McLean would get his name in the papers is having this type of tripe statement printed. He’s another one who knows it all. For mr McLean here’sa what I hope happens to him…………………there!

  2. Another new low for the wee huns
    Can’t wait to pump this rotten shower on Sunday
    It just shows that every hun and zombie is really hurting watching the Famous Glasgow Celtic 1888 win
    Treble Treble 🍀

  3. Ok he has said it now lets do his team twice in a week and show him we are BOSS and he should keep his mouth shut him and his manager and few more players have crossed the line let us show them and every other team in Scotland we are back and nothing is going stop us.



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