CHRIS SUTTON took to social media feeling vindicated after Brendan Rodgers latest press conference.

The former Celtic striker told BT viewers on Tuesday night that he knew for a fact that’s Moussa Dembele was happy at Celtic and had not asked for a move away. This was after Brendan Rodgers benched the player and Chris Davies said the player may be looking to move on.

Sutton he firm that the French striker was happy at Celtic and today’s rodgers comments confirmed he is and that the treble winner has NOT asked to leave the club.

Prompting this tweet from Chris Sutton, clearly directed at the fans telling him he was wrong for his comments on Tuesday.

Rodgers confirmed earlier today that Celtic had rejected a bid for Moussa.


  1. Spot on Chris Sutton. You deserve a lot of apologies. In trying to clarify the issue you get shot down for having the audacity to perhaps point the finger at the club and management. And why not, after all it would not have been the first time that our board would be suspected of operating in an underhand way. From the beginning of the week it was only our management that was adding to the confusion of the whole issue.

  2. Chris Sutton is on the money,Yet Again.There are a Good Few who owe this Legend an Apology.So Cmon Now,Form An Orderly Q…One at a Time.The Media up here definitely have an Agenda.Taking the Media Bait.Biting like a great white.We dont read Sevco Going For There 1st Title in there illustrious five year history.Atleast Chris gives us Truths Unlike most if not all the Pupoets and Cheerleaders.Keep Doing what your Doing Sutty.Well Done and keep up the good work

  3. Surely Our Own Wouldnt throw petrol on the fire,Would They????Trying to flog our biggest asset.Surely Not.Chris Davies stated he wanted out of Celtic,Moussa i mean.Now suddenly Brendan says he is staying etc.I smell something and its not pretty.


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