Trevor Sinclair has told Jim White on TalkSport that he wishes he had signed for Celtic during his career.

The Englishman makes no secret about his passion for the Hoops on social media.

Speaking to White – Trevor details how his Parents were from Sligo and Glasgow respectively any the passion he has for the club means there’s slight regret he didn’t come north to pull on the hoops.

Wearing a Celtic shirt in the studio, Trevor said he’d be up in Glasgow wearing his Celtic jersey at the next Glasgow Derby. Often Sinclair takes to social media to big up the Hoops.

Sinclair always speaks so well of Celtic. He doesn’t fall into the bracket of many of these players who say they have an affinity for the club when it’s nothing more than a passing comment.

The Englishman is Celtic daft and we can’t wait to see him up in Glasgow! Pints are on us.


  1. Good on him! Hopefully he’ll head home after the game with a big smile of victory on his coupon!
    Mam from Sligo, da from Glesga? Why was this guy not playing for Scotland or Ireland? Wasted in an England jersey…


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