We leave talking about our city rivals to other blogs but the information which came out on Friday night can’t be ignored.

Celtic were given a rough time in the press for only making 100k profit in this difficult climate; when the jaw dropping loss across the city was announced very late on a Friday it came as no surprise.

SunSport reported the financials of our city rivals who have thrown so much cash at this title race they now find themselves with an £8m gap to see out the season.

We’re not predicting their demise, nor do we want to delve into the intricacies of their financials. We want to acknowledge that there’s a club in Govan again allowed to overspend and rack up debt to try and stop Celtic, with no repurchasing in sight.

The SFA and SPFL don’t care how the club comes by their money and how much of a financial hole they are in; as long as they challenge Celtic they can do what they like.

That was the philosophy in 2012 and it appears nobody has learned any lessons. The obsession to beat Celtic has seen them lose millions, they’re not self sustainable and continue to be basket case club.

Will they care if they win the league then hit an insolvency event? Not really. And therein lie the problem.


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