Soccer Football - Scottish Premiership - Celtic v Motherwell - Celtic Park, Glasgow, Scotland, Britain - May 14, 2022 Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou and Joe Hart celebrate winning the Scottish Premiership with the trophy REUTERS/Russell Cheyne

JOE HART is still a highly enthusiastic player who feeds off the energy of a top dressing room. The Englishman could have faded into obscurity and picked up a wage just sitting in a bench down south.

Instead, Joe came to Celtic and is still writing another great chapter in his career.

The goalkeeper’s enthusiasm and passion is infectious to his teammates. The leadership skills he shows has also been a massive asset for the Hoops changing room.

Asked if the club can make more history this season, Hart was humble enough to say nothing is a given, and revealing Postecoglou always makes an interesting request:

“That option is definitely there but it’s down to us – to me, us as individuals, us as a team.” Joe told Record Sport “The manager constantly references it, saying, ‘Why not make the game you are about to play in your best game you have ever played in?’ I love that message and I live by that message so there’s definitely that opportunity. But how it will play out, we’ll see.”

It’s clear to see Joe responds well to what the manager wants him to do and aspire to be in every game he plays for the club.

The former Man City man opened up about the role he plays on the pitch and the positions he’s now more readily taking up for Celtic further up the pitch.

In what’s been a major pre-season talking point – Ange wants his goalkeeper to act as a sweeper, something Hart hasn’t done a lot of throughout his career. The Englishman talked us through the Celtic manager’s process and why you’ll see him so far out his goals this season.

“That’s always where the manager wants his goalie. I know that, we know that. That’s how he sees football.

“But he also understands you have to play with the players you’ve got. I couldn’t just come in and play as high as that as I’d never done it before, so I had to learn and I’m still learning. That’s why I absolutely love being here and playing under the manager. It’s becoming less uncomfortable to be that high. Before, to be that high, I always thought, ‘Danger, danger’.

“But now I understand the reasons why I’m there. I’m not there for any other reason than to help the team to progress and move forward. I understand the reasons better, so I feel more comfortable.”

It contributes well to the system but the danger will be there. If you were a betting man, you might feel Celtic losing a goal from 40 or 45 yards out this season is something worth keeping an eye on.

If it does happen, you won’t see the manager lambast the goalkeeper for following directions. Joe’s higher position will also help subtly contribute to the team winning.


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