CELTIC Assistant Manager John Collins is convinced that if Celtic make it into the Champions League group stages then they might just hold on to Virgil van Dijk.

The Dutchman who has made no secrets about wanting to head down south before the end of this window has been told he is needed for the Champions League qualifiers even if they do accept a bid further down the line. However Collins thinks that the lure of Champions League nights at Celtic Park will make van Dijk have a re-think – We’re not so sure.

He did admit if Celtic weren’t to make the Champions League group stages that we would have no chance of holding onto him. Missing out on the Champions League pot of gold would dictate his move even if the player himself was keen to stay which we no he isn’t.

Van Dijk's preference is to move on this summer.
Van Dijk’s preference is to move on this summer.

Although say we do get into the Champions League proper and tell van Dijk he’s staying. He only has two years left on his deal at the club and to keep him another year would severely diminish our negotiation powers with other clubs. His price would decrease dramatically. Celtic aren’t stupid and will want to get top dollar for the towering centre back while the ball is still in their court.

That’s why even if the Champions League music blasts out over the Celtic Park tannoy and the electricity is in the air we’re convinced Virgil will not be stepping out onto that pitch to sample it.

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