THE KANO FOUNDATION have announced that their Patron John Higgins has promised to donate £100 to the Celtic Fan organisation for every century break he gets at this year’s World Championship.

The Scottish snooker star is heading into the competition hoping to go as far as he can and has the added incentive of upping his game with his charity pledge.

The Kano Foundation has been running since 2010 and aims to keep football free for kids regardless of their personal circumstances. You can see them on matchdays shepherding a group of excited youngsters to the game with enthusiasm as they provide a memorable day out for young bhoys and ghirls.

The organisation could not do what they do without the generosity of Celtic fans and John’s gesture will again help them bring as many kids to the game next season as they can.

We hope John can go all the way in the competition, racking up as many century breaks as possible!

If you would like to donate or get involved in the Kano Foundation then jump over to their site!


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