James Gordon from the Glasgow Times has hit the nail on the head when it comes to the current state of play in the minds of the most deranged in Scottish Football.

The journalist claims nobody will be more happier than the outcome Celtic winning the the with eight games to go than Ibrox fans who watched their team throw it away on the pitch.

Gordon explains there was an acceptance that the Ibrox club had blown their chance and Celtic were on their victory lap before wrapping a bow around the league title.

With the shutdown, the league is likely to come to Celtic early and that means these deranged supporters can try and claim foul play and stick an asterisks around Celtic’s title triumph.

It’s pathetic it’s come to this for the Ibrox support who were so sure they were champions in waiting back in December.

What’s the opposite of being back with a bang?

As James Gordon calls it, the newly formed entity will be delighted they don’t have to watch Celtic do their lap of honour.

There’s not one Gers fan who doesn’t count their EBT title triumphs even though they have been massively tainted through cheating of their own accord. I think Celtic fans will live with a trophy win being thirteen points clear of the hapless second placed side. Ten will be fun!


  1. C’ Mon. It is only “tainted” if it has anything to do with Glasgow Celtic. If it is sevco? , Then it is Okey!!!. Just the way these narrow minded “peepeel” think!. Rules are made in their lodges, and they think the rest of the country should follow them !!! NO WAY!. We are the champs, and will be next season also .TEN IN A ROW!!. HAIL HAIL.


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