A journalist who writes for ‘The Celtic Way’ website has claimed Ian Bankier claiming referees were suspect at the AGM last week has had a bearing in the outcome of the League Cup semi-final.

The paranoid post came after Celtic beat St Johnstone 1-0 at Hampden to book their place in the final. The claim has been Jota has handled the ball in the lead up to the goal and the journalist is claiming Celtic and their chairman have influence referee Nick Walsh – who again had an abysmal game.

Aidan Smith is noted on the Celtic Way website as a writer. In essence, the journalist is a writer for the Herald and Glasgow Times.

The Celtic Way has been set up by Newsquest, the company behind the Herald and Glasgow Times. The site has attempted to ride the coattails of organic Celtic fan media while having guys like Aidan write for them.

The Celtic Way owners also run The Rangers review and staunch Rangers Fan Chris Jack has skin in both the sites.

So the next time you’re wondering why a writer from the Celtic Way is spouting paranoid garbage – At least you know why.


    • If you mean CNN, the American news network, I’m stumped! If you mean CelticNewsNow it’s because that’s just a link aggregator site, their algorithm just looks for articles featuring Celtic or Celtic-related content (which is why you get stuff pop up from clubs whose players are linked with us)

  1. Well next season we should have VAR and catch out all those bad refs out and only the good refs will be left some times you win some times not,but with VAR its 100% we get the right outcome so they say..


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