There was hope at the beginning of the season that Neil Lennon would start to tentatively give more minutes to academy wonderkid Karamoko Dembele. It hasn’t panned out this way so far, what’s more, the midfielder appeared to have fallen off the radar altogether.

So we were pleased to see Karamoko among the first team in Latvia on Wednesday during training.

Karamoko has shown a ridiculous amount of promise and it’s easy to forget he’s only 17 considering the support have known about the toungset for years. While we’re not saying throw him in to the detriment of his development, we HAVE to see this lad get meaningful game time to develop.

There are no competitions or games for the reserves and all Karamoko will be doing is training. There’s only so much training you can do, to really develop and bring on a young star, they need to be playing.

Paralysed by the fear of losing ten in a row, Neil Lennon will understandably be cautious about throwing young players into the mix but the lad has enough about him to make 10-20 appearances this season – even from the bench.


  1. That young lad will get sickened off the club if he doesn’t get a look-in soon. Hard to blame anyone in particular due to the exceptional circumstances of our 10 in a row bid.
    Really tough time for youngsters at Celtic,but they must be given reassurance by the management team that their time will come.
    If they are too discouraged and/or frustrated to the point that their training is suffering,then just maybe they don’t have the required mental steel to be a hoops player….without that,all the talent in the world is pretty useless.
    Greater and more experienced players have had to bide their time when overlooked. Paul Wilson,Harry Hood,Jim Brogan, to name a few.
    That’s real commitment to the cause…bide your time lads,it’ll come,and also stand you in good stead for the future.

  2. Karamoko has a year left on his deal. Unless he gets game time, he won’t be here come the start of next season. The lack of reserve football has seen us lose 3 young prospects now to Bayern and Man City. This will unfortunately continue unless we find meaningful football for these guys to play.

    Get him out on loan with a caveat that he cannot play against us and can be called back should the need arise

  3. Is anyone else amazed with that statement that karomoko dembele has 1 year left on his contract and we as a club are not putting him in a position of feeling that he is a player who is valued and will get a chance to play? I am a little annoyed that he hasn’t been tied up on a contract so as to prove that he has a future at celtic. I dont know about the way contracts are negotiated however I do know that I would have firmly and eagerly told him he has a great career at celtic and to show that a nice wee contract to show our commitment. Just a wee rant that i had to get out after reading that and I’m getting that sinking feeling i had when the biscuit tin era was in effect. Any one else get that feeling?


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