John Kennedy has insisted he has no regrets when it comes to his career on the coaching side of things so far, which includes turning down the chance to speak with Hibernian about becoming permanent manager there.

As reported by the Scotsman, Kennedy stepped into the Celtic dugout for the first time yesterday on an interim basis in the Hoops 1-0 win over Aberdeen, stating he didn’t have any regrets from past decisions that he made and relaid the point it is all about the club not him personally.

“In my whole career and life, I don’t have regrets.

“I very much evaluate any decision I make and I go with it, I fully commit and then what will be, will be. I trust myself to make the right decision.

“You always reflect on it and question things but certainly at this time that’s nothing to do with it at all.

“I have dedicated everything in my time and life to do the best for the club, so that’s the same for now in terms of the situation we find ourselves in now. It’s about what’s right for the club and not my agenda and what’s good for me.”

There have been several different opinions expressed about Kennedy in the last few days but one thing that can be said is he speaks very well when it comes to press/media duties.

He has stated many times already that everything he does in the best interests of the club and with how long he has been at Celtic, whether that be a player or coach it is clear to see he is trying his best to do what is right for the club.

Yesterday’s game starts a spell of what could be another seven games between now and the end of the season that the 37-year old is likely in charge for.

His situation at the club come the end of the season is completely unknown at this stage but right now it is important to try and get behind what he and the squad are doing to try and claw some points back in the league.


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