It hasn’t been the best of months for Celtic – between transfer window woes, a premature Champions League exit and the petulant antics of Dedryk Boyata it has been a month where fans will want to move on from.

But somebody tell Kieran Tierney he’s not still living out his dream and he’ll quickly shoot you down.

With the fans feeling frustrated and in need of some good news, trust Kieran to give us all just a little shot in the arm.

That’s what the Celtic defender has done by coming out and speaking about the recent speculation linking him with a move away from Celtic Park.

Not just keen to dismiss the talk as unfounded and unwanted – the left back told fans exactly why he’s still in a Celtic jersey and not currently climbing up the Premier League money tree.

Speaking to the Daily Record the die hard Celtic fan set the record straight:

“There was obviously a lot of talk at the start of the transfer window during pre-season, more than before, but for me it’s just about switching off and focusing on Celtic.

“The money being spoken about and what you can earn in England is life-changing. It’s crazy, isn’t it? Absolutely crazy.”

“However, the money I am on, for someone at my age, is more than I ever thought I’d earn.

“My life has changed because of Celtic. I have them to thank for everything. I have given them everything, really all my life, and it’s paid off so far. I have enjoyed it.

What a bhoy!

We just seen John McGinn do the exact opposite of this young lad. He took the money instead of betting on himself and turning out for his bhoyhood heroes.

Kieran Tierney is a throwback to the old days of football where loyalty was valued and rewarded.


  1. A true Celt at heart,understands what the club is all about,he knows the junk written about him leaving is pie in the sky,a real professional through and through,deserves all the success he can get ,good on you son,!no petulance from this boy.

    • You never wrote will write lanything more true in your life Ray Bhoy. We have seen more than our fair share of Badge kisses who took the money and ran away to the English Leagues. A few did well but most were forgotten as the failed to achieve what they thought that was their due. Yet we see and hear them now peddle the English Superiority crap that the Sprout both over the airwaves and in print.
      We have those from other Lands who came to the Paradise and were enriched by the Celtic Way and became and remain true Bhoys even after they moved on.
      You do not need to be born or live in Glasgow to become a true Bhoy. My journey started one summers evening in 1967 on our first television 📺 and i watched Billy McNeill lift the true European Cup.
      I have seen the various Badge kissers come and go and i seen the likes of Lubo, Larsson, Bonner remain Faithfull to the Celtic cause. Yes this young guy has the chance to write his name into the History of our Club by getting 10 or more Championships in a Row.
      All the money earned down South of the Border could buy that Privilege and Honour. H. H.

  2. Don’t know what everyone is getting excited about. All he said was how greatful he is to Celtic for giving him his chance. I didn’t see any future commitment or even deniel he wouldn’t have turned down a move. Sorry but nothing to get excited about.

  3. Celtic didn’t show McGinn he was wanted. BR wanted him PL didn’t want to spend the money. The lad did the right thing. Kierans situation is different.

  4. Tierney has plenty to say about CELTIC because he is a CELTIC fan through and through and I reckon he will end his career at CELTIC PARK. Hail hail.

  5. We don’t have enough people in the squad who know the history. This manifests itself with the indifference of players who clearly don’t. This might be at the heart of a long term project which inspired the late Tommy Burns RIP. Tommy realised the need stop the Ibrox run to equal nine. However he lacked support from above while being cheated by Murray and the result is now history. Given the current tide of resurgence on the park by a range of teams and in the media which is clearly focussed on stopping us getting eight never mind ten, we need to wake up and bolster our resources with Celtic people whenever the opportunity presents itself. We haven’t done so with McGinnis and McKenna seems equally unlikely.


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