KIERAN TIERNEY’S officially underway at Arsenal and I know, I know some of you don’t care how he gets on and I’m sure you will vocalise that on social media under this post but this article isn’t for you. If you have read this and are now reading those comments – you have our permission to laugh at them.

For those who will continue to follow the player’s career he started his first game on Tuesday night for the Gunners and earned a lot of praise from Arsenal fans.

Given Kieran has hardly played at all in 2019, any sort of decent performance should be lauded – especially at a new club.

The defender was part of the team who annihilated Nottingham Forest in the League Cup and Arsenal fans are buzzing about their £25m acquisition.

The game ended 5-0 for the Gunners.

Some over the top reactions for sure but that’s to be expected as they have been waiting since last month to see Kieran take to the field.

Arsenal’s social media did guy did take a bit of abuse for tagging the wrong Kieran Tierney in their match tweet.

The player himself reacted on social media to his first game. It’s still strange seeing him in red.

Personally, we want to see Kieran do us proud down south and if he can play well for Arsenal he will likely get a move to a club more likely to win trophies in the near future. Don’t mind me – just mischief making.


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