KRIS BOYD has urged his old side to do the ‘right thing’ and give the champions of Scotland a guard of honour when they come to Ibrox on Sunday.

Celtic were crowned champions on Saturday against Aberdeen with their next game coming against Steven Gerrard’s men. Traditionally, the team who have just become champions would be clapped onto the field by their next opponents but it appears as if there’s no class down Ibrox way.

But Kris Boyd thinks there should be.

“It would be the right thing to do and, for me, I think they should.” he told RecordSport.

“At the end of the day, they [Celtic] might be your rivals, but they have won the league. Pay them the respect they deserve.”

It looks like there will be no chance of that happening with noises coming from Ibrox that this will not happen.

Boyd has broken from the script to say this and not many Ibrox fans will thank him for doing so.

Celtic will go to Ibrox and conduct themselves in a calm and classy manner befitting the Scottish Champions and we just hope their players can behave themselves this time.


  1. They can clap each others arse. They do that. But won’t clap for Celtic. They were beaten to the title by a much better team. So why not swap shirts at the end??


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