I don’t tend to read Kris Boyd’s columns, they’re self-indulgent, lopsided PR exercises for his former club.

However, my attention was directed to comments he made about the 3-0 drubbing his old side received at Celtic Park on Wednesday night.

Boyd was obviously horrified watching on as Celtic blew away the lockdown champions in what was the perfect example of Ange Ball at work.

Clearly still trying to wrap his head around the result he had to give his thoughts on the game and we can’t quite believe he wrote the following down:

‘Look at Celtic. Callum McGregor played with a fractured cheekbone.

‘The fact he managed to get through the 90 minutes without anyone testing out that face mask is another story, but his commitment to the team was tremendous.’ [SUNSPORT]

  1. This was typed out.
  2.  This was sent to an editor and kept in the column.

Kris Boyd is disappointed any of the Ibrox players didn’t try and further hurt the Celtic captain knowing he had a bad facial injury.

A man tasked with talking about our game to a large audience on Sky Sports wanted to see Callum McGregor hurt and put in his place by the away side and is upset he wasn’t. Incredible.

Callum was an absolute warrior during the game. Venting all his frustrations of the last year and channelling his inner Scott Brown as he chased Borna Barisic back into his own half while verbally tormenting the defender.

I can’t believe any pundit would be a proponent of an opposition player trying to further hurt someone in order to impose themselves on the game.

But then again, we’re dealing with Kris Boyd.


  1. Boyd is a disgusting individual. Hi is one sick person, insinusating that someone in the opposition who was wearing a safety mask should have had special attention to take him out of the game. Remember he has a Charity named after himself, with an aim of assisting persons with mental health problems. There is a thin line between heading a Charity, and requiring help. There is no doubt that he had issues with Leigh Griffiths, and it showed Boyd as a bitter person. This latest outburst shows the mentality or lack of it, in what he is suggesting what should happen to Callum McGregor. All in all he needs help to understand what is and what is NOT ACCEPTABLE!


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