KRIS BOYD has attacked Celtic fans vis his Sun Sport column as the former Rangers and The Rangers player had his say on Celtic’s Euro exit.

Boyd slammed Celtic fans who booed after the full-time result on Tuesday as ‘deluding themselves’ if they think Celtic belong in the Champions League.

Boyd also wrote: “For me they’re (Celtic fans) just too arrogant, spoiled and big-headed to see it.”

The retired player has been hurting for years as he’s watched his beloved Rangers and any time he can stick the boot into the Celtic support, he’ll do it, unapologetically.

This is a guy who is calling a fan base deluded when the one he belongs to unveiled a going for 55 banner three years ago when they made their top-flight debut.

He comes from a fan base and supports a team who famously once cheered landing Celtic in the cup only to be knocked out of the competition by the bhoys on their way to another treble.

As I say, he’s sticking the boot in and it’s open season on Celtic after their capitulation against Cluj.

Most Celtic fans don’t take the Champions League for granted or think we automatically belong there, what we do expect is our club to pull out the stops to make sure we have the best chance of qualifying and that’s where the upset comes from.


  1. For me the booing was not because we got knocked out, it was because that game was lost when we could and should have won, so the fans let the players,manager and directors know it,I would say normal, last night the Motherwell fans booed getting knocked out of the cup at home,did he mention that ?

  2. Ok were out of the ChampionsLeague asI see it, the competiition is soured by the greed of UEFA not letting teams who have won their country’s league the chance to compete yet for the big guys of Europe we have four teams from one country coming in ad hoc t o appease the big advertising companies and tv people who call the shots.We won our right to be in that competition by WINNING our league. Let us now show fatboy and all the other pretenders what we are made of get back to what we do best win Trophies and put all crap talk about Sevco where it belongs in the garbage bin .

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