KRIS BOYD went full Sky Sports today during their post-match analysis of Ross County vs Celtic.

The monster munch chomping pundit claimed there were no great players in the Scottish game and said there were only good players.

The sort of attitude you just don’t want to see from a Scottish pundit being broadcasted to a UK wide audience. Sky Sports inferior coverage of our game continues with Kris Boyd and Kris Commons there to give us their ‘expertise’.

Chris Sutton continually talks up the Scottish game whereas these idiots are out to make a name for themselves.

The Scottish game had a future Champions League winner playing in the league not so long ago in Virgil can Dijk, then there’s Moussa Dembele who left the Scottish league and is now top scorer in the French league. Two examples of great players who played in the Scottish game who were great then and still now.

There are plenty of players in the Scottish League who are great and could do big things elsewhere – to actively go against that notion when you’re paid to talk about our game is shocking.


  1. Word is that Sky-sports have billed the oversized pie muncher for damage to one of their camera lens’s due to grease stains that he splattered while uttering his tirade.

  2. Fattie Boyd is a walking disgrace. What is he doing punditing on a Celtic game? C’mon BT get him off the Celtic games, he’s ruining our entertainment. Let’s face it, he talks rubbish. Take Leigh Griffiths, acording to fattie, he’ll be ranting at NL and will want away. With Boyds mental state, you’d think he’d consider the NL is bleeding the guy back into regular football. Boyd is the peasant of scottish football, he’s got a bigger chip on his shoulders than Harry Ramsdems, Muppet!!!

  3. Jobby for brains. A tiny brain, which is inside his massive backside ….that he also talks out of.
    Watch the pained face try to come out with something clever. It doesn’t happen. Ever.

  4. Sadly he’s right.
    We lost our ONLY world class player last year when you retired last season.
    Ain’t that right, Kris?
    Guy’s a fn weapon HH


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